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Science has spoken

The scientific proof behind U = U

In the last two decades there is evidence that the likelihood of HIV transmission is directly related to the amount of virus present in the blood.

The PARTNER, published in 2016, is a milestone. Αfter studying 58,000 sexual encounters without the use of a condom, where one partner was HIV-positive and the other being seronegative. The results showed that, where the HIV-positive partner was in an effective treatment, the virus was not transmitted to the HIV-negative partner. An effective treatment is one that results in the viral load count being too low, usually below 50 copies of the virus / ml blood (undetectable load). The PARTNER survey was followed by the PARTNER 2, published in May 2019. PARTNER 2 also recorded ZERO transmissions among 782 gay couples, where one partner was HIV positive and the other being seronegative.

With incontrovertible evidence such as this, we can safely state that when a person is living with HIV and is in effective treatment, he/she CANNOT transmit HIV through sexual intercourse.

Hence the phrase: 

U = U

Undetectable = Untransmittable

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