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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


The Basics:

  • U=U: “Undetectable = Untransmittable”, ie “Non-Detectable = Non-Contagious”.

  • ART: Antiretroviral Treatment for HIV.

  • TasP: "Treatment as Prevention".

  • Viral load: The amount of HIV / ml.

  • Untraceable viral load: Viral load count is below 50 copies of virus / ml, due to regular and effective antiretroviral therapy (ART) received by a person living with HIV.

  • Untransmittable: HIV CANNOT be transmitted through intercourse when the viral load is Non-Detectable.

  • STI: Sexually Transmitted Infections.

  • PrEP: “Pre Exposure Prophylaxis” is a prophylactic treatment before exposure to HIV.

stop hiv stigma

"U=U is a blessing, but only for those with access to HIV treatment"

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