Who we are

The AIDS Solidarity Movement was established in 1989 in the Republic of Cyprus, as a Non-Governmental and Non For Profit Organisation.

The main aims of the Movement is the support and solidarity towards people who's lives has been affected by the HIV virus, their partners, friends and families, as well as towards people with the AIDS syndrome. We fight against social stigma and discrimination of all people living with HIV.

AIDS Solidarity Movement

URL: asmCyprus.org

Facebook: asmcyprus

Twitter: hivCyprus

E-Mail: info@asmCyprus.org

Support Line: (+357) 9960 9070

Monday – Friday

09:00 -13:00 & 17:00-21:00

Greek, English, Spanish

Cy Checkpoint

URL: CyCheckpoint.org

Facebook: CyCheckpoint

Twitter: CyCheckpoint

Instagram: Cy.Checkpoint


Contact Line: (+357) 9960 7005


Monday – Friday

09:00 -13:00 & 17:00-21:00

Greek, English


AIDS Solidarity Movement


Support Line: (+357) 9960 9070

Cy Checkpoint


Tel: (+357) 9960 7005

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